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Moira Kay is a New Zealand writer and independent publisher who writes dystopian fiction (and has grandiose aspirations).

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A Dystopian Romance

Cataclysmic events have destroyed essential resources and driven the remnants of mankind to remote regions of the globe. Predicting war over the scraps, the Daltons branched off early and hid from the impending battles that eventually raged outside their solid rock walls. More »

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Book Two of Tracks

Rori MacGregor has arrived in the City. Thrust into a dangerous and complicated lifestyle, she is forced to rely heavily on Morrison Hayes to aid her through the transition and to continue planning the rebellion. More »

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End of the Line

Book Three of Tracks

The opportunity to strike has arrived. With little time to prepare, Rori MacGregor and Morrison Hayes battle to keep a united front against their enemies as untested alliances must bear the burden of war. More »

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