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A Dystopian Romance

Cataclysmic events have destroyed essential resources and driven the remnants of mankind to remote regions of the globe. Predicting war over the scraps, the Daltons branched off early and hid from the impending battles that eventually raged outside their solid rock walls.

The Citizens however, fought for their crumbling metropolis until there was no-one left to fight. Alone and on the brink of starvation, City scouts found a way inside the hidden and thriving Valley. In practiced tradition, the Citizens dominated the small Dalton community, forcing them to provide for both settlements.

This was the way, until one chance encounter provided the possibility of change.

When City Enforcer Morrison ‘Smiler’ Hayes instinctively saves the Dalton thief he is meant to eradicate, he inadvertently advances down the dangerous path of finding freedom for his family. From the opposite side of the tracks, smart-mouthed and defiant Rori MacGregor has an agenda of her own. Together they form a turbulent alliance in order to shift the balance of power.

Tracks – the first instalment of a three-part story of love and rebellion.

Author’s Note

I play music constantly while I write and while dreaming up stories. Often it is a song that sparks the emotion or thought that leads the movie in my head to play out in words. The playlist changes from time to time, but the listed songs definitely helped provide the soundtrack to Tracks.

  • Youth — Daughter
  • Keep Your Head Up — Ben Howard
  • I Found a Reason — Cat Power
  • Coffins — Misterwives
  • Stay Alive — Jose Gonzales
  • Trouble Town — Jake Bugg
  • Rivers and Roads — The Head and the Heart
  • You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away — The Beatles (also, the Pearl Jam cover of same)
  • Clementine — Sarah Jaffe (alternate version)
  • Cinder and Smoke — Iron and Wine
  • Weights and Measures — Dry the River
  • Head full of Doubt — The Avett Brothers